Our memories are the only paradise
 from which we can never be expelled

the beehive
December 31, 1951 - ?
4310 Procter Street-Old Casanova club
3944 16th Street-Painter's Hall
port Arthur, tEXAS

(Information, newspaper clippings and photographs courtesy of Mary Ash-Scott)

The "Beehive" was established in1951 in the Old Casanova Club at 4310 Procter Street
and sometime between 1954-55 was relocated to the Painter's Hall at 3944 16th Street.
During this time the "Beehive" was the most popular activity for teenagers aside from
the Procter Street Drag.  Below are pictures and news paper clippings of the "Beehive"
during this era.


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Checking In at the "Beehive"
Barbara Melancon, Priscilla Applegate and Marilyn Ash

I remember working on the beehive when we were first given the building.
The class of 1953 really worked hard cleaning up the place.  I remember the
dances we had there as soon as it was presentable.  Great teenage memories.
Mart Rhea May, Pat and Polly Love, to name a few of the ones that worked on it.
      .....Alice Faye Guidry-Eastman

Photo # 1:
some of the "Beehivers" shown above are:
Barney Gaspard, Chris Balsamo, Mary Ellen Champagne, Carol Ackerman,  Jack Dupry
Eddie Demler, Mike Slott, Charlene Guilbeaux
(If you can identify any of the others, please let us know)

Gail Turaino, Charlotte Boudreaux, Priscella Applegate, Noel Cowart, Norman Dill and David Simmons

Photo # 2:
Pool Sharks

Photo # 3:
L-R: ??, ??, ??, Stanley Shoen, ??, ??
Help us to Identify these beautiful people above
also - What event was this?

Photo # 4:
Left side is Manette Veazey, Eugene LaPoint, Marilyn Ash, ??, Venita May.... Please help to ID others
Queen Mary Ellen Champagne
Norman Dill is in the white sport coat and black bow tie.
What Event?

Photo # 5:
L-R: Marilyn Ash, ??, ??, Warner Tauzin, Edith McKibbon, Eddie Demler, Homer Newman, Shirlee Broussard, Ida Nell Carlquist

First row L-R: Charlotte Boudreau, Janice Jones, Cynthia Lumpkin, Carole Ackerman, Deanna Lachausse, Priscilla Applegate, seated 1955 Beehive Sweetheart
Shirlee Broussard, Gene Marceaux, Genevieve Belson, Ann Brannon, Marilyn Ash, Idanell Carlquist, Gail Turano, Rose Ann Miller & Mona East.
Second Row L-R: Norman Dill, Benny Falcon, Byron Walker, Alfred Maceiras, Robert Lee, Norbert Leblanc, J.R. Bienvenue, Sweetheart for 1954 Carmen McDaniel,
Robert Kluge, Beehive Director, Eddie Demler, President of Beehive, Ralph Mannino, Allen (Butch) Crouch, Vice President of Beehive, Jimmie Landry, Master of
Ceremonies, Frank McCrey, Bobby Loupe, Business Manager, Raymond Meaux, Chris Balsamo, Noel Cowart, Jimmy Deloney & Benton Broussard.

Beehive Installation
Present officers (55-56) being installed by past officers.
Reading left to right:  Vice President Butch Crouch, President Edward Demler, Secretary Charlotte Boudreaux,
Past Correspondence Secretary, Joan LaVergne, Past President Mack Stubbs, Director Robert B. Kluge, Past Secretary
Marilyn Davis, Past Vice President Betty Sue Davis,  Corresponding Secretary Priscilla Applegate, Historian Marilyn Ash,
Assistant Business Manager, Jimmy Landry.  Absent when picture was taken was Bobby  Loupe, Business Manager.

We have more pictures to be added - If you have old Beehive memory photos please share this with us!

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